チラム Chilham 01

Chilham Village (Chilham, England, the United Kingdom)

  1. Chilham Village

Chilham is a small agricultural village (about 1,000 people) in a local government district of Kent in England. Chilham is 10 kilometres southwest of Canterbury. It takes 30 minutes from Canterbury to Chilham by bus (however there are fewer buses on Saturdays and no buses on Sundays). Alternatively you can get from Canterbury to Chilham by train (however the train station is further from the centre of the village than the bus stop).

You got on a bus at Canterbury bus terminal and then you have got off a bus at a bus stop on Felborough Close (a street leading to the centre of Chilham).

You are walking up towards a square which is the centre of Chilham on a hill along Bagham Road and The Street.

A pub in ChilhamA pub in ChilhamA pub in Chilham丘の上の広場にあるホワイトホースという名前のパブに来ました。このパブの歴史は、16世紀にさかのぼります。ホワイトホースは、この小さなチラム村の数少ない憩いの場です。
You have got to a pub called the White Horse at one corner of the square on the top of the hill. The pub dates from the 16th century. The pub is one of few places for relaxation and refreshment in this small village Chilham.

A pub in Chilhamこんな小さなチラム村のパブですが、日本食イベント(1日のみ)を企画していました。定期的に企画されているものか分かりませんが、たとえ単なる偶然だったとしても、日本の何かに興味がある人々を見るのは嬉しいです。
I found a poster telling a 1 day event of Japanese food in the pub in such small village Chilham. I have no idea they do that regularly. And yet it was pleasure to see people interested in Japanese something even if it is a mere coincidence.

There are a cafe and a glossary as well as the pub in the central square of Chilham. The square is one of few market places in the village. The Wealden Hall House is the oldest house in the village and was built between 1370 and 1410. Chilham Castle and the Church of St. Mary are located at both ends of the square respectively and are major buildings of the village. The village has been a typical village formed in the medieval period with a central square and a church (and a castle).

Chilham CastleChilham CastleChilham CastleChilham CastleChilham Castle広場に隣接しているチラム城は、1997年まではある子爵が所有していましたが、今は大富豪の民間人が所有しています。手入れが行き届いた綺麗な庭が、とても可愛いらしいです。
Chilham Castle next to the square was owned by viscounts until 1997 but now owned by an extremely rich private citizen (unbelievable). The beautiful garden kept well is very lovely.

The Church of St. Mary in ChilhamThe Church of St. Mary in Chilham広場に隣接している聖マリア教会は、15世紀に創設された教会であり、チラム村のもう一つの中心です。
The Church of St. Mary next to the square was founded in the 15th century and is another centre of Chilham.

You were walking down a hill leading to a hall of Chilham and a stained glass studio. However I saw no people and it was almost time to go back to the bus stop. Therefore I decided to give up exploring the area.

You are walking down School Hill back towards the bus stop on Felborough Close.

It is off the subject but I got back to the bus stop before the time a bus would arrive there (each bus comes every hour on Saturdays) and then I waited for the bus for one more hour. I had a chat with a local British old lady who had waited for the bus earlier than me. She said with a smile that it could not be helped and it was a matter of daily practice.

You are going to get on a bus back to Canterbury and I would like to conclude our stroll in Chilham. See you later.