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Conwy town walls, Llewelyn the Great and Conwy Castle (Conwy, Wales, the United Kingdom)

  1. Conwy town walls
  2. Llewelyn the Great
  3. Conwy Castle

Conwy is a walled market town (around 14 thousand people) on the north coast of Wales. The town was formerly the site of a Cistercian monastery (Aberconwy Abbey) founded by Llewelyn ap Iowerth (Llewelyn the Great). The site also controlled an important crossing point over the River Conwy and was defended for many years by Deganwy Castle. The Welsh princes and the English kings had vied for many years and finally the site was captured in 1283 during the Conquest of Wales by Edward I of England. Subsequently he commissioned Conwy Castle and the town walls. The project was completed using large quantities of labourers brought from England. The ruined castle of Deganwy was abandoned and never rebuilt.

It takes around 1 hour by rail from Chester to Conwy (from Chester railway station to Conwy railway station).

You saw a Calvary standing by a tower of Conwy town walls and the Church of St. Michael out of my way to the town centre from Conwy railway station.

You are crossing a bridge over Conwy railway station. You can overlook the station as well as the railway piercing through Conwy town walls.

Llewelyn the GreatLlewelyn the GreatLlewelyn the Great少し歩くと、コンウィの町の中心のランカスター広場に出ました。1898年に作られた大ルウェリンの像が、広場の噴水の上に立っています。大ルウェリンは、ウェールズ北部のグウィネズの君主であり、最終的にはウェールズのほぼ全域の事実上の支配者でした。
A short walk brought you to Lancaster Square in the centre of Conwy. The statue of Llewelyn ap Iowerth (Llewelyn the Great) created in 1898 stands above a fountain in the square. He was a Prince of Gwynedd in north Wales and eventually de facto ruler over most of Wales.

Conwy Visitor Centre東に向かって通りを下って歩いて行くと、コンウィ・ビジターセンターがあります。
You are walking down along a street towards the east and have come to Conwy Visitor Centre.

Conwy town walls were built from 1283 to 1287 by Edward I and were designed to form an integrated system of defence alongside Conwy Castle. The walls are 1.3 kilometres long and include 21 towers and 3 gatehouses.

Conwy Castleコンウィ市壁の上の通路に上がりました。コンウィ城が、市壁の南東の角に立っています。
You have ascended to the walkway on Conwy town walls. Conwy Castle stands at the southeast corner of the walls.

Conwy CastleConwy CastleConwy Castleコンウィ城は、エドワード1世によって1283~1289年に建てられました。コンウィ城は、次の数世紀に渡って重要な役割を果たしました。コンウィ城は、1294~1295年にはウェールズ軍の包囲に耐えました。また、コンウィ城は、1400~1415年のウェールズの反乱の間の1401年、ウェールズ軍によって数ヶ月保持されました。さらに、コンウィ城は、イングランド内戦の間の1642~1646年には、騎士党(王党派)によって保持されました。長方形のコンウィ城は、内区画と外区画に分けられていて、8つの塔と2つの橋楼によって防御されています。
Conwy Castle was built by Edward I from 1283 to 1289. The castle played an important part in several wars over the next several centuries. The castle withstood the siege by the Welsh forces from 1294 to 1295. And also the castle was held for several months by the Welsh forces in 1401 (during the Welsh revolt from 1400 to 1415). Furthermore the castle was held by Cavaliers (Royalists) from 1642 to 1646 during the English Civil War. The rectangular castle is divided into an inner and an outer ward. The castle is defended by 8 large towers and 2 barbicans.

Conwy Castleコンウィ城への玄関口へは、はね橋と町から急傾斜の石工の斜道を渡りましたが、今は城壁の外側に沿って東へ小道が切られています。小道を(東から西へ)歩いて上り、北西の塔を通り過ぎます。
The main entrance to Conwy Castle was reached over a drawbridge and a masonry ramp that came up sharply from the town but now the modern path cuts east along the outside of the walls. You are walking up the path (from the east to the west) and are passing by the northwest tower.

Conwy Castleはね橋の塔を通って、コンウィ城に入ります。
You are getting into Conwy Castle through the drawbridge tower.

Conwy CastleConwy CastleConwy Castle西の橋楼は、正門の前面にある外部の防御です。西の橋楼には、ブリテンで最初期の現存する石の落とし狭間があります。また、正門は、元々は落とし格子で守られていました。
The west barbican is an exterior defence in front of the main gate. The west barbican has the earliest surviving stone machicolations in Britain. Moreover the main gate was originally protected by a portcullis.

Conwy CastleConwy Castle正門の中は、様々な業務上の建屋が立ち並んでいたであろう外区画です。外区画の北側は、台所の塔が背後に立つ台所を含む建屋の区域でした。
The main gate leads through to the outer ward which would have been full of various administrative and service buildings. On the north side of the outer ward was a range of buildings including a kitchen backed by the kitchen tower.

Conwy Castle外区画の南側は、大広間と礼拝堂を含む建屋の区域でした。
On the south side of the outer ward is a range of buildings including the great hall and the chapel.

Conwy Castle南西の塔は、城守または駐屯部隊によって用いられていたようです。また、南西の塔には、製パン所もありました。
The southwest tower may have been used either by the constable or by the garrison. Moreover the southwest tower contained a bakehouse.

Conwy CastleConwy Castle階段を上り下りして、外区画を歩き回ります。
You are going up and down stairways to stroll about the outer ward.

Conwy Castle大広間と礼拝堂の下にあった地下室は、今では表に出ています。
The cellars under the great hall and the chapel are now exposed.

Conwy CastleConwy Castle現存する石のアーチの向こう、内区画を守る見張り塔と製パンの塔が見えます。
The bakehouse tower with watchtower guarding the inner ward can be seen over a surviving stone arch.

Conwy Castle振り向くと、南西の塔が見えます。
The southwest tower can be seen if you turn round.

You are going to explore further Conwy Castle continuously next time. See you later.