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くま、ニューイヤーコンサートを語る Kuma talks about the Vienna New Year’s Concert

Johann Strauss II1月1日、元旦、我が(くま)家は、毎年の行事として、家でウィーン・フィルハーモニーのニューイヤーコンサートを見る。おせちとお雑煮のからのニューイヤーコンサートは外せない。
On the New Year’s Day, our family watch the Vienna New Year’s Concert by the Vienna Philharmonic on TV in our home as our annual event. We never miss the concert following Japanese New Year dishes and soup.

The conductor of this year seems the same age as me. He is the youngest since the Vienna New Year’s Concert began. I am a bear but he is not a bear. I think at least he is definitely not a moon bear. However I have to say moon bears are also great.

Every year a new conductor comes in and each conductor performs in each style. This is so interesting unexpectedly. In Japan classical music concerts are considered regardless that their formalities should be the most important. Meanwhile in Europe those are really deferent. The status of concerts never falls if the conductors and the orchestras do something funny. If anything, it would rise. One of the funny conductors disappeared from the stage and another served wine for the orchestra. I think it must be funny that a party would begin after all and then all members would drink too much and play jazz numbers. An orchestra would do an improvised jazz session. It must be cool.

I am always fascinated with ballet dancers coming in the middle of the programme. And I am curious about the beautiful place.

Johann Strauss IIニューイヤーコンサートでは、シュトラウス家の楽曲が主に演奏される。ウィーンの街中には多くの音楽家達の像が立っている。なかでも、ヨハン・シュトラウス2世は金ぴかだ。
The music always includes pieces from the Strauss family. A lot of statues of musicians stand around the city of Vienna and Johann Strauss II is coloured gold even among those.

Johann Strauss IIこれは、ウィーンの露店で買ったヨハン・シュトラウス2世のオルゴール。オルゴールの台座の上に立つヨハン・シュトラウス2世は、ウィーンの金ぴかの彼と同じく、バイオリンを弾いている。ひげが素敵である。オルゴールは「美しく青きドナウ」を奏でる。
This is a musical box of Johann Strauss II which I got at a stall in Vienna. On the pedestal of the musical box he appears to be playing the violin like the golden statue in Vienna. His beard and moustache are wonderful. The musical box plays The Blue Danube.

I wish you a happy new year. I look forward to seeing you again this year.