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くま、トランプ大統領とゴルフをしたい Kuma wishes to play golf with President Trump

My diary先週、アメリカのドナルド・トランプ大統領と日本の安倍晋三首相とがゴルフをプレイしたことが、報道機関によって大々的に報道されています。
It has been reported extensively by the news media Donald Trump (the President of the United States) and Shinzo Abe (the Prime Minister of Japan) played golf last week.

I cannot play golf but remember acquaintances enjoyed golf in the United Kingdom. One of my Japanese acquaintances happily told me he always had 3 rounds (54 holes) a day thanks to the long daytime in the summer. It is too much. And yet I miss the long daytime in the summer (but the day time in the winter is too short).

The modern game of golf originates from Scotland. The Old Course at St. Andrews (a links course dating to before 1574) is considered to be a site of pilgrimage to many golfers. I also remember the acquaintance happily told me he visited there.

Nice shot!
Your hair style is
Nice cut!
(Kuma’s spiritual poem with an extra syllable dedicated to President Trump)