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くま、聖パトリックの日をお祝いする Kuma celebrates St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick's Day聖パトリックの日は、3月17日(伝統的な聖パトリックの亡くなった日)に行われるお祝い。聖パトリック(385年生、461年没)は、アイルランドの筆頭守護聖人だ。
St. Patrick’s Day is a celebration held on 17 March (the traditional death date of him). He (was born in 385 and passed away in 461) is the foremost patron saint of Ireland.

St. Patrick’s Day is a public holiday in the Republic of Ireland. I saw Irish people celebrated the day with something coloured green, white and orange (the Irish tricolour) when I lived in the United Kingdom. Green people appear around the town. Nobody recognises somebody cosplaying green tortoise in the green people. That green colour, I like, is not deep green, not yellowish green but tender green like fresh verdure in June.

Speaking of Ireland, I like Irish coffee, which contains a little of Irish whiskey and is sweet coffee. I really can be fascinated with sweet words when I have it.