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くま、ハロッズ出身の二足歩行である Kuma walks on two legs and comes from Harrods

Harrods Bear and Paddington Bear冬は腰痛がひどい。くまは一応二足歩行なのだけど、やっぱり体は人間じゃないから腰に負担がくる。多分、知り合いのパディントン・ベアテッドも同じ悩みを抱えているんじゃないかなぁ。
I have a bad pain in my lower back in the winter. I pretty much walk on two legs but I have got a burden on the lower back because the body is not the same as those of human beings after all. I think probably my acquaintances such as Paddington Bear and Ted also have the same troubles.

Incidentally I come from Harrods, London. I think this is cool as much as coming from New York. The inside of Harrods is so comfortable and has many objects lined up like a world tour. Sometimes, I had a chat with Tutankamen-san (she said she actually preferred pink to gold) and I tasted various salmon on the gourmet streets on the ground floor. I really enjoyed my Harrods life.

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