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くま、カッパ捕獲許可証を知る Kuma has got to know about the kappa capturing license

Cucumbers and a kappa暑くなってきました。夏野菜がおいしい季節です。くま家も、トマト、レタス、きゅうりなどの夏野菜を毎日のように食べています。
It is getting hotter. Summer vegetables are in season. My family eat summer vegetables such as tomatoes, lettuces and cucumbers almost every day.

Cucumbers are associated with kappas. Kappas are associated with cucumbers. A kappa is a kind of imp found in traditional Japanese folklore. A kappa means a river child. Recently I have got to know that kappa capturing licenses are issued in Tōno city (known as the City of Folklore), Iwate prefecture. I am so interested in it. I think many kappa hunters visit the Kappa-buchi, a water stream where kappas are said to live.

The 7 articles of the kappa capturing license are as follows.

  1. カッパは生捕りにし傷をつけないで捕まえること
  2. 頭の皿を傷つけず皿の中の水をこぼさないで捕まえること
  3. 捕獲場所はカッパ淵に限ること
  4. 捕まえるカッパは真っ赤な顔と大きな口であること
  5. 金具を使った道具でカッパを捕まえないこと
  6. 餌は新鮮な野菜を使って捕まえること
  7. 捕まえたときには観光協会の承認を得ること
  1. To capture kappas alive without wound
  2. To capture a kappa without getting the plate on its head wounded and getting the water in the plate spilling out
  3. To capture kappas only at the Kappa-buchi
  4. To capture a kappa which has a red face and a big mouth
  5. To capture kappas without metallic tools
  6. To capture kappas with fresh vegetables
  7. To obtain approval of the tourist association in case of capturing kappas

If I encounter a kappa which has a blue face and a puckered-up mouth, I must help it. I think it perhaps would have been drowned in the river. I would give it my salmon. Consequently it might become a kuma kappa.