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くま、空から降ってくる梅とマシュマロを想像する Kuma imagines ume and marshmallow coming down from the sky

This year there has been little rain in the Kanto region in the rainy season (tsuyu in Japanese). I thought the rainy season would be going into full swing soon and actually the Japan Meteorological Agency has not declared the end of the period of the rainy season yet. And yet I feel that the summer is setting in.


Tsuyu (the rainy season) is literally Ume (Japanese apricot) Rains in Japanese. There are several views on the origin of the word. According to one of the views, tsuyu may have been named so because ume get ripen during this season. Imagine that a lot of ume will come down from the sky. I wonder how many ume I can mouth. I think I cannot mouth so many ume. Otherwise I will recommend marshmallow. Everyone will become a marshmallow catcher and will cause a maelstrom of streets if a lot of marshmallows come down from the sky like a rain. And then I will overlook it and will remember dancing salmons in a river.