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くま、ボリショイ・サーカスを楽しむ Kuma enjoys the Bolshoi Circus performance

The Bolshoi Circus先日、ロシアからやって来たボリショイサーカス(大サーカス)公演に行ってきた。
I went to see the Bolshoi Circus (Great Circus) performance came from Russia the other day.

I was so excited by a trapeze and stared breathlessly at a horseback riding acrobatic. A bear (I want to call him Kumakichi though actually I am not sure the bear is a boy or a girl), dogs and cats are absolutely cute and gave me comfort. Kumakichi kept on walking on two legs even after his performance as I wandered he had forgot to walk on four legs. I guess he has a meal at a dining table in a correct posture every day.

The Bolshoi Circusそして、ボリショイサーカスのキャラクター「ミーシャ」「マーシャ」(おそらくロシア民話「マーシャと熊」から名付けられたと思います)。この子たちが何とも言い難い表情をしているのである。イースターバニーを彷彿とさせるような、可愛いけど可愛くない、ニヤケている感じ。きっと、ミーシャとマーシャも、中身は人間で、背中にチャックがついているのだろう。
I have to mention the characters of the Bolshoi Circus performance, namely, Misha and Masha (I think they are probably named after the Russian folk story called Masha and the Bear). They have inexpressible looks. Their looks are cute but not cute and foppish as they may have a resemblance to the Easter Bunny. I guess someone is inside of each and each has a zip fastener on the back.