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The Mermaid Inn, Rye Heritage Centre, Rye Castle (Ypres Tower), St. Mary’s Church and the Landgate (Rye, England, the United Kingdom)

  1. The Mermaid Inn
  2. Rye Heritage Centre
  3. Rye Castle (Ypres Tower)
  4. St. Mary’s Church
  5. The Landgate

Rye is a small town (around 5 thousand people) on the south coast of England. Medieval maps show that the town was originally located on a huge embayment of the English Channel which provided a safe anchorage and harbour. The town was important as a place of shipment and storage of iron probably as early as Roman times. The town received its charter from King Edward I in 1289. The town was an important member of the Cinque Ports Confederation. The town was one of the finest ports among the confederation but the gradual silting up of the harbour went on. The economy of the town declined by the coming of bigger ships and larger deepwater ports. Fishing and particularly smuggling became more important. Gangs smuggled wool and luxury goods during the 18th and 19th centuries.

It takes around 1 hour and 20 minutes by rail from London to Rye (from St Pancras station, Ashford International railway station to Rye railway station) or around 2 hours (from London Bridge station, Hastings railway station to Rye railway station).

There are a lot of old buildings in the Tudor style in Rye.

The Mermaid Inn is the famous historical inn located on Mermaid Street. The inn dates from 1156. The current building dates from 1420 and has the additions built in the Tudor style in the 16th century. The inn has a strong connection with the notorious Hawkhurst Gang of smugglers. The gang used the inn in the 18th century as one of their strongholds. Some of the smugglers, their mistresses and other characters are reported to haunt the inn.

Rye Heritage Centre人魚通りの坂を下って歩いて、ライの町の西側にあるライ・ヘリテージ・センターに出ました。
You walked down a steep slope on Mermaid Street and have come to Rye Heritage Centre in the western part of Rye.

Rye Heritage Centreライ・ヘリテージ・センターは、ビジターセンターであり、ライの歴史を伝えています。
Rye Heritage Centre is a visitor centre and tells the history of Rye.

Rye Heritage CentreRye Heritage CentreRye Heritage CentreRye Heritage Centreライ・ヘリテージ・センターでは、「ライ物語、町の模型、音と光のショー」が行われています。ショーは、全く独特な劇的な音と光の効果を用いたヴィクトリア時代のライの100分の1の縮尺の模型です。ショーは、700年に渡るライの裕福な歴史を語ります。ショーは約20分行われます。
Rye Heritage Centre hosts the Story of Rye, Town Model Sound and Light Show. The show is a totally unique 1:100 scale model of Victorian Rye with dramatic sound and light effects. The show tells the rich history of the town over 700 years. The show lasts approximately 20 minutes.

You are walking to Rye Castle (Ypres Tower) towards the east.

Rye CastleRye Castleライ城イプラ・タワーとしても知られている)は、1249年に建てられました。ヘンリー3世が、フランス人によってひんぱんに起こる襲撃に対する防衛の一部として、ライ城の建設の許可を与えました。イングランド南海岸は、当時、フランスよる脅威に絶えずさらされていました。ライは、五大港連合の港町の一つとして、その支援の代わりに特権を与えられました。ライ城の防御構造物は、この支援となりました。
Rye Castle (also known as Ypres Tower) was built in 1249. Henry III gave permission for the castle to be built as part of the defence against the frequent raids by the French. The south coast of England was under constant threat from the French at the time. Rye was given privileges in exchange for its support as one of the Cinque Potts towns. The defensive structure of the castle provided this support.

Rye CastleRye Castleイプラ・タワーを歩いていきます。
You are walking around Ypres Tower.

Rye CastleRye CastleRye Castleイプラ・タワーは、ライ城博物館の2か所の施設のうちの一つです。塔内の展示には、ライの生活や歴史の情勢を多数描写する刺繍、中世の遺物、町の地図などがあります。
Ypres Tower is one of 2 sites of Rye Castle Museum. Exhibits in the tower include an embroidery depicting many aspects of Rye life and history, medieval artefacts and town maps.

St. Mary's Churchイプラ・タワーの近くの聖母マリア教会に来ました。聖母マリア教会は、12世紀に建てられた教区教会です。ライは、五大港連合の重要な一員だったので、しばしばイースト・サセックスの大聖堂と称されるこのような壮大な教会を持っています。
You have come to St. Mary’s Church near Ypres Tower. The church is the parish church built in the12th century. Rye has such a magnificent church which has sometimes been called the Cathedral of East Sussex as the town was an important member of the Cinque Ports Confederation.

St. Mary's ChurchSt. Mary's ChurchSt. Mary's Church聖母マリア教会に入りました。聖母マリア教会の1561~1562年頃に設置された時計は、いまだ動いているイングランドの最も古い教会の尖塔の時計の一つです。大分後に付けられたものですが、振り子が、教会の中を揺れています。
You have got into St. Mary’s Church. The clock of the church installed in about 1561 or 1562 is one of the oldest church turret clocks in England still functioning. The pendulum (a much later addition) is swinging in the body of the church.

St. Mary's ChurchSt. Mary's ChurchSt. Mary's ChurchSt. Mary's Church聖母マリア教会を歩いていきます。
You are walking around St. Mary’s Church.

You have climbed to the top of the tower of St. Mary’s Church. You can overlook the breathtaking townscape of Rye. The brick coloured townscape looks so lovely and cute. You can see Ypres Tower towards the east.

You are leaving St. Mary’s Church.

You are walking down the street in front of St. Mary’s Church.

The Landgateライの中世の旧市街の北東の端まで歩きました。ランドゲートは、4つの元々の要塞化されたライの町への入口のうち唯一の現存するもので、エドワード3世の治世の1329年にさかのぼります。ランドゲートは、いまだ唯一の乗り物の旧市街への進入路で、軽車両のみ通ることができます。
You have walked to the northeastern edge of the medieval old town of Rye. The Landgate is the only surviving one of 4 original fortified entrances to the town and dates from 1329 in the reign of Edward III. The gate is still the only vehicular route into the old town and is suitable only for light vehicles.

Now I would like to conclude our tour in Rye. See you later.