ヴェルサイユ Versailles 01

The Courtyard of Honour, the Royal Courtyard, the Royal Chapel and the King’s Grand Apartment (The Palace of Versailles, France)

  1. The Courtyard of Honour
  2. The Royal Courtyard
  3. The Royal Chapel
  4. The King’s Grand Apartment

The Palace of Versailles is a royal palace built by Louis XIV (known as Louis the Great or the Sun King) in 1682. It is situated in a suburb (20 kilometres southwest) of Paris. The palace was originally a hunting lodge built by Louis XIII in 1623. The court of Versailles was the centre of political power in France from 1682 (when Louis XIV moved from Paris) to 1789 (until the royal family was forced to return to Paris during the French Revolution). The palace is one of the greatest Baroque buildings around the world. The palace is famous for the luxurious and gorgeous buildings and the huge beautiful gardens.

You came to Versailles from Paris by train. It takes 30 or 40 minutes. You are walking from the station (Gare de Versailles Château Rive Gauche) towards the Palace of Versailles along Avenue Du Général De Gaulle and Avenue de Paris.

You are walking along Avenue de Paris and approaching the palace.

The Palace of Versaillesヴェルサイユ宮殿が目の前にあります。一目見て、とても広大な宮殿であることが分かります。br /> You have almost got to the Palace of Versailles. I am sure you recognise the palace in front of you to be very large at a glance.

The Palace of VersaillesThe Palace of VersaillesThe Palace of VersaillesThe Palace of Versailles威風堂々としたルイ14世の乗馬像を通り過ぎ、ついに最初の門にたどり着きました。
You passed by a majestic equestrian statue of Louis XIV and then you have got to the first gate of the Palace of Versailles eventually.

The Palace of Versaillesヴェルサイユ宮殿の最初の門をくぐると正面中庭です。中庭の南側(左手)に、チケットオフィスと観光客用の入り口があります。前方の黄金の門の先には、王の中庭があります。
You passed through the first gate of the Palace of Versailles and have got into the Courtyard of Honour. The ticket office is located on the southern side (left side) of the courtyard and the entrance for visitors. The Royal Courtyard lies beyond the golden gate in front of you.

The Palace of VersaillesThe Palace of Versailles観光客の入口から、王の中庭に入りました。
You have got into the Royal Courtyard through the entrance for visitors.

The Palace of Versaillesヴェルサイユ宮殿見学の順路は北側(右手)の建物から始まります。
The tour of the Palace of Versailles starts from a building on the northern side (right side).

The Royal ChapelThe Royal Chapel王室礼拝堂は、1710年に完成しました(1682年にヘラクレスの間の位置に建てられた礼拝堂が狭すぎたことから建設された)。王室礼拝堂は、王は神により選ばれた神の代理人であるというフランスの君主制の考えを表現しています。白と金の調和が美しいバロック様式の礼拝堂です。残念ながら中には入ることはできません。
The Royal Chapel was only completed in 1710 (The previous one built in 1682 on the site of the Hercules salon quickly proved to be too cramped and so the new one was built). The chapel represents the idea of French monarchy that the king was chosen by God and became the lieutenant of God on earth. The fine Baroque chapel has a harmony of white and gold. Unfortunately the chapel is off limits.

The Hercules SalonThe Hercules Salon国王の大居室は、由緒ある7つ続きの部屋となっています。豪華絢爛な大居室の最初の部屋は、ヘラクレスの間です。ヘラクレスの間は、ルイ14世の治世の一番最後に作られた部屋です。1682年以来、礼拝堂がこの場所を占めていましたが、1710年に王室礼拝堂に取って代わられました。アーチ形天井に、ヘラクレスの栄光が描かれています。
The King’s Grand Apartment is a series of 7 prestigious rooms. The 1st salon of the luxurious and gorgeous apartment is the Hercules Salon. The room was actually the last to be created at the end of the reign of Louis XIV. The previous chapel occupied here from 1682 until 1710 when the chapel was replaced by the Royal Chapel. The Apotheosis of Hercules was painted on the vault.

The Abundance SalonThe Abundance Salon豊饒の間では、夜会に軽い飲み物(カフェ、ワイン、リキュールなど)が供されました。
The Abundance Salon was the place of refreshments serving coffee, wine and liqueurs on evening soirees.

The Venus SalonThe Venus Salonヴィーナスの間の天井には、古代ギリシャで金星(ヴィーナス)と関連付けられていた愛の女神であるヴィーナスが描かれています。ヴェルサイユ宮殿全体の装飾様式には、太陽系の神話が吹き込まれていると言われています。ヴィーナスの間は、国王の大居室の部屋の中でも最もバロック的な装飾です。ヴィーナスの間では、夜会では食卓が準備されました。テーブルには、花かご、オレンジやレモンといった新鮮で珍しい果物はピラミッド形に並べられ、砂糖漬けの果物、マジパンなどが取り揃えられました。
The Venus Salon is depicted on the ceiling with the features of the Goddess of Love associated with a planet in Ancient Greece. It is considered that the solar myth inspired all the decor of Versailles. The room presents the most Baroque decor among the rooms of the King’s Grand Apartment. Tables were set up here on evening soirees. The tables were covered with baskets of flowers, pyramids of fresh and rare fruit such as oranges and lemons, crystallised fruit and marzipan.

The Diana SalonThe Diana Salon古代ギリシャでは、狩の女神であるディアナは、その冷たい印象から月と関連付けられていました。彼女はまた太陽神アポロンの妹でした。ディアナの間は、夜会ではビリヤードの間として利用されました。ビリヤードの名手だった王が素晴らしいプレイをするたびに婦人達が拍手をしたので「拍手の部屋」とも呼ばれました。
Diana was the Goddess of Hunting associated with the moon due to her coldness in Ancient Greece. She was also the sister of Apollo (the God of the Sun). The Diana Salon was a billiard room on evening soirees. The room was also called the Chamber of Applause because ladies applauded the brilliant strokes of the King (very skilled) at this game.

The Mars SalonThe Mars Salonマルスは、古代ギリシャでは、火星に関連付けられた戦争の神です。マルスの間の天井の中央には、狼たちが引く戦車に乗ったマルスが描かれています。この大広間は元々居室の衛兵の間だったことから、軍事的なテーマで装飾されています。その後、夜会には音楽及び舞踊などに使用されたので「舞踏の間」とも呼ばれるようになりました。
Mars was the God of War associated with a planet in Ancient Greece. Mars on a chariot drawn by wolves was painted in the centre of the ceiling of the Mars Salon. The room was decorated with such military themes since the room was originally a room for guards for the King’s Grand Apartment. The room was later reserved for music and dancing on evening soirees so that the room was commonly known as the Ballroom.

The Apollo Salon (dedicated to the God of the Sun, the Arts and Peace) and the Mercury Salon (dedicated to the God of Commerce, Eloquence, Poetry, Communication, Travel, Luck, Trickery, Thieves and so on) are the other rooms in the King’s Grand Apartment.

You are going to walk around the Palace of Versailles continuously next time. See you later.